My Top 10 Hair Product Suppliers

You’re probably thinking, “I have all this hair knowledge, but I still don’t know where I should purchase the best products for my hair.” No worries! Here are my top 10 favorite companies to purchase products from that I know you will fall in love with:

1. Local Hair Salons- As a hairstylist, I understand how important it is for customers to purchase from salons because it is a big part of a salon’s financial support. So, although this isn’t technically a company, my number one place to pick up the best products is at a local salon.

2. Ulta Beauty- If you haven’t found your perfect salon, I totally understand. It can be difficult to find the right one! Ulta Beauty is a reliable source for any beauty product because they handle their products directly from the manufacturer. This means that anything you purchase is the “real thing.”

3. Sephora- Similarly to Ulta, Sephora is a top beauty supplier. Their products can definitely be on the expensive side, but trust me, it’s worth it!

4. Sally Beauty- If you don’t have a nearby Ulta or Sephora store, Sally Beauty is another great beauty supplier. Although their selection isn’t as broad, it is still a reliable source for amazing hair products!

5. Aveda- Aveda is known for being a rather large hair company. They have their own salons, cosmetology schools, and stores, which is where you can purchase high quality hair products.

6. Product’s Website– When in doubt, if there is a product that is calling your name, the best place to go to is that product’s online store. I was obsessed with a specific product my hairstylist used on my hair, but she wasn’t selling it. If this is the case for you as well, you can simply search for the brand’s website online.

7. Salon Centric- Salon Centric is a great wholesaler but, this company only sells to salons or licensed cosmetologists, which brings me back to shopping at local hair salons!

8. CosmoProf- Similarly to Salon Centric, CosmoProf does not sell their products to everyone, but if you are a licensed cosmetologist, I definitely recommend stopping here. It is my go-to beauty supplier.

9. Birchbox- You have probably heard of Birchbox by now, but if you haven’t, it is basically a monthly subscription to the best beauty products. I personally haven’t tried their subscription, but I know they have amazing reviews and reliable products.

10. Drug Stores- I NEVER recommend drug stores for good quality hair products, but I know that beauty can be quite expensive. So, if you are on a tight budget, I recommend purchasing products that were created from that particular drug store instead of professional lines, like Redken or Pureology. The reason is that drug stores do not receive those professional hair products directly form the manufacturer, so the products can be tampered with.

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