How To: Style Men’s Hair

Men’s styling doesn’t seem so difficult at first glance, but when it’s time to get ready for a special occasion or just to look put together on the daily, it can be more challenging than you think. If you are a guy or simply know a guy who needs help in this department, here are some of my quick tips to get that “fresh out of the barber look:”

1. Blow-Drying: If you have medium-long hair, blow-drying your hair right out of the shower can be very effective in taming and smoothing out those locks. Skeleton brushes are great for volume and smoothness, but a simple comb works just as well.

If you have curly/natural hair, a diffuser attachment is essential. Try not to use a brush and let your natural curls form as they dry. For this hair type, be sure to apply styling product before you begin to dry your hair, which leads me to my next tip..

2. Product!: Finding the right product for your hair is key! For straight-wavy hair, applying a gel, pomade, or cream works wonders depending on the look you’re going for.

Gels tend to be light weight, so if you have thinner hair or want a natural look, go for the gels. Pomades are thicker and provide more hold, which are great for special occasions. Creams are my favorite on men because it is more of a combination of the two. You get a nice hold, but it still looks natural and effortless. Grooming sprays are also a nice alternative if you are looking for a super natural style.

If you have curlier hair, using a product before drying will help trap moisture and prevent frizz. Make sure the product is moisturizing and provides some time of hold. I love the combination of a gel and mousse for this hair type!

3. Haircuts: It is difficult to style men’s hair if it is not cut properly. The cut is the foundation of the styling, so make sure you are keeping up with those appointments! A cut every month or so should do the trick!

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